LeadFlow365 Resources for Entrepreneurs:

For Businesses that Support Business Owners

Too Increase Rental Rates, Occupancy, & Investor Value

LeadFlow365 Resources:

To Engage, Add Value, & Close Potential Clients Automatically

1. Login to LeadFlow365

Login to Your LeadFlow365 Account here: https://app.leadflow365.net/login

2. Search Leads in LeadFlow365

From the Left Side menu, select to search “Search Leads”. Select your search criteria.

3. Choose Your Potential Clients from the Search List

Choose your potential clients from the “Search List” that you would like to create a custom mini funnel to promote your business.

4. Generat a Facebook Report

Either in this “Search Leads” section, or from your “Manage Campaigns” dashboard, select the button to “Generate FB Report”.

5. Add to Funnel

Scroll to the bottom of the automated Facebook Audit Report that is generated. At the very bottom you will see three green buttons. Choose “Add to Funnel”

AppSumo Purchase & Review:

Not all companies make it past 5 years

LeadFlow365 Tips, tricks, & Hacks

To Start Building Your Cold Sales Leads List Locally Fast

Why do I need a Google API to use LeadFlow365 Software?

Simple. Price. We are able to keep the price low for the software by letting you use your own Google API. Google charges for large usage of their API, but gives you, the individual, monthly free credits (usually between $200–300) to use their API system.

Kartra Update:

Extend Customer’s Membership to the End of the Billing Cycle


Leveraging the full cPanel through a hosting account

  1. The integration process is very simple when using the full cPanel. This does require the paid hosting account, NOT just the domain. Instructions are to ensure the www. domain works as well as the one without the www. in front of the domain like “www.YourDomain.com” versus just “YourDomain.com”. Follow this guide step by step.
  2. While the actual configuration barely takes 5 minutes…

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Turn Link Mistakes Into Loyal Customers & Clients


To Find Partners, Grow Your Business & Get New Clients

Why Create Business Networking Goals:

  1. Attend the Right Events. With specific goals in mind, you’ll know exactly what events to attend and which ones will be a hard pass. I know for me personally, this specifically…


With Coordinating Hashtags, Explanations & Examples

Hashtags help share the insanity!

Just log onto Twitter, and quickly scan what’s trending on the left-hand side of the screen. There is always some obscure holiday trending! But Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others participate in the fun.

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