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For Businesses that Support Business Owners

You’re a business owner.

You know you need social to grow and brand your business — every guru tells you so, but you may not even know why, and you definitely don’t know how.

I know the feeling.

You open up your phone to make a post on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/SnapChat/WhateverTheNewSocialTodayIs and…

🫖 Lead Tea 0001 — From the Official Email Series

We’re Launching a Community for Marketing Agency Owners and Freelancers Who Have No Idea What They’re Doing…and are Willing To Admit It

Today, we’re announcing LeadFlow365.io.

LeadFlow365 is a community for marketing entrepreneurs, freelancers, and agency owners who have no idea what they’re doing, and are willing to admit it.

We call ourselves, “Accidental Agencies.”

Accidental Agencies don’t have formal business training.

There may or may not be some fancy marketing degree.

To Grow Your Followers and Increase Brand Awareness

General Boating Hashtags

The easy, mass, copy and paste version that works best for Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter (Please only use the ones that are relevant to your specific posts!):

#Boat #Boats #BoatLife #Boating #BoatParty #BoatsAndHoes #BoatTrip #BoatLifestyle #BoatDay #BoatFishing #BoatsOfInstagram #BoatsBoatsBoats #BoatInternational #UPBFS #BoatPorn #BoatingLife #BoatLovers #BoatParade #BoatingFun #BoatFun #BoatView #BoatDays #BoatDog…

LeadFlow365 Resources:

To Engage, Add Value, & Close Potential Clients Automatically

1. Login to LeadFlow365

Login to Your LeadFlow365 Account here: https://app.leadflow365.net/login

2. Search Leads in LeadFlow365

From the Left Side menu, select to search “Search Leads”. Select your search criteria.

3. Choose Your Potential Clients from the Search List

Choose your potential clients from the “Search List” that you would like to create a custom mini funnel to promote your business.

4. Generat a Facebook Report

Either in this “Search Leads” section, or…

AppSumo Purchase & Review:

Not all companies make it past 5 years

Email sent out on June 1, 2021, at 3:36 AM, from Raj of GoPinLeads

Dear valued GoPinLeads client,

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of our services coming to an end from 1st July 2021. …

LeadFlow365 Tips, tricks, & Hacks

To Start Building Your Cold Sales Leads List Locally Fast

Before you can begin to leverage the LeadFlow365 system to generate a fast cold leads list and begin to nurture them with free Facebook Business Page Reports and SEO Reports for their website, you will first need to set up your very own Google API.

I promise, this is not…

Kartra Update:

Extend Customer’s Membership to the End of the Billing Cycle

Have you ever paid for a yearly subscription only to realize halfway through you want to discontinue?

You request cancellation, then suddenly things come to a screeching halt. You no longer have access, despite pre-paying a bill for a whole year.

That can be frustrating for customers who’ve paid for…

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Marketing Strategist, Interior Designer, Mother of 4 dragons, and Social Media Weirdo with a weakness for Mint Green Tea and Dallas-esque Champaign Campaigns.

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