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Not all companies make it past 5 years

Email sent out on June 1, 2021, at 3:36 AM, from Raj of GoPinLeads

Dear valued GoPinLeads client,

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of our services coming to an end from 1st July 2021. From this date, you will no longer have access to the GoPinLeads app, as well as the Chrome extension.

Due to a series of technical and regulatory issues, we have been faced with no other choice than to cease our operations. As a result, all services facilitated by us will come to an end from 1st July 2021. This does of…

LeadFlow365 Tips, tricks, & Hacks

To Start Building Your Cold Sales Leads List Locally Fast

Before you can begin to leverage the LeadFlow365 system to generate a fast cold leads list and begin to nurture them with free Facebook Business Page Reports and SEO Reports for their website, you will first need to set up your very own Google API.

I promise, this is not as scary as it sounds.

Why do I need a Google API to use LeadFlow365 Software?

Simple. Price. We are able to keep the price low for the software by letting you use your own Google API. Google charges for large usage of their API, but gives you, the individual, monthly free credits (usually between $200–300) to use their API system.

Kartra Update:

Extend Customer’s Membership to the End of the Billing Cycle

Have you ever paid for a yearly subscription only to realize halfway through you want to discontinue?

You request cancellation, then suddenly things come to a screeching halt. You no longer have access, despite pre-paying a bill for a whole year.

That can be frustrating for customers who’ve paid for a subscription, but get cut off before their rebill date.

To keep your customers happy (and your support staff sane) we’ve added a new Delayed Cancellation Feature that gives you the option to extend your customer’s membership to the end of their billing cycle.

Now, when your client or customer…


Leveraging the full cPanel through a hosting account

Before you go ahead and initiate an integration with your own domain, please note the following:

  1. These instructions are specific to Domains purchased and controlled through a2Hosting. The general instructions direct from Kartra can be found here:
  2. The integration process is very simple when using the full cPanel. This does require the paid hosting account, NOT just the domain. Instructions are to ensure the www. domain works as well as the one without the www. in front of the domain like “” versus just “”. Follow this guide step by step.
  3. While the actual configuration barely takes 5 minutes…

Photo by Romson Preechawit on Unsplash

Turn Link Mistakes Into Loyal Customers & Clients


To Find Partners, Grow Your Business & Get New Clients

Business networking…. the mere mention will either send shivers down your spine or thoughts of elation.

Most fall into one camp or the other… rarely is there a middle ground.

I personally was not traditionally a fan of networking until I was able to really learn the long term benefits and devise a survival strategy by setting specific goals for my business networking around building meaningful and intentional connections.

Why Create Business Networking Goals:

  1. Attend the Right Events. With specific goals in mind, you’ll know exactly what events to attend and which ones will be a hard pass. I know for me personally, this specifically…


With Coordinating Hashtags, Explanations & Examples

October 2020 Social Media post ideas are perfect for the small business owner to use that is currently struggling with “What in the world do I share today?”. Whether it’s International Coffee Day or the now infamous, Reptile Awareness Day, every day has something to celebrate online.

Hashtags help share the insanity!

Just log onto Twitter, and quickly scan what’s trending on the left-hand side of the screen. There is always some obscure holiday trending! But Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others participate in the fun.

“Until I am clear on my message, how do I know what to say?”


¡No solo trabajamos desde casa, trabajamos desde cualquier lugar!

Esta pandemia ha afectado enormemente a las empresas tradicionales.

La quiebra para las grandes empresas significó recortes de empleados y el cierre de miles de tiendas de forma permanente.

Who doesn’t want to show off their company to the world as a fast growing, mover and shaker, king of the domain?

Everyone right?

I know I do!

But finding the requirements and understanding them can be a wee bit frustrating, so spelled them out for you in a simple list with links for more information.


Why the Inc. 5000 List?

I think Inc. says it on the application page right now during the pandemic best…

“You Are America’s
Entrepreneurial Benchmark

For almost 40 years, through good times and challenging times, entrepreneurs have remained the key influence over the economy and the Inc. 5000 list has remained the key…

You signed up for BeeKonnected to build more connections to get more partners, referrals, customers and vendors that are specifically chosen for you with proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

Well, you probably didn’t care about any of the geek terms up there, but you do want more connections, faster that are more perfect for you, your personality, and your business.

And at this point, you’ve completed your Konnection Generator profile and invited your contacts.

But what is next?

Use this weekly checklist to help you stay connected and visible on BeeKonnected so others can easily find, recommend, and refer you to…

Jena Apgar

Mother of 3 dragons, Kartra Queen, and Social Media Weirdo with a weakness for Mint Green Tea and Dallas-esque Champaign Campaigns.

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