Weekly Checklist: 3 Tasks to Get More from BeeKonnected This Week

You signed up for BeeKonnected to build more connections to get more partners, referrals, customers and vendors that are specifically chosen for you with proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

Well, you probably didn’t care about any of the geek terms up there, but you do want more connections, faster that are more perfect for you, your personality, and your business.

And at this point, you’ve completed your Konnection Generator profile and invited your contacts.

But what is next?

Use this weekly checklist to help you stay connected and visible on BeeKonnected so others can easily find, recommend, and refer you to their groups and connections.

Find 6 New People to Connect to This Week

Growing your BeeKonnected Network helps boost your profile reach on BeeKonnected through the artificial intelligence algorithm. Bonus, your reviews add to your Social Proof. The more reviews, the more others want to connect with you! Some of my biggest ‘overnight’ achievement were created solely because of the partnerships I built over the years.

Why am I personally, me, Jena Apgar, a Coach and EVP of Social Media at BeeKonnected?

Because I reached out and connected with David Roberts, the Vision Warrior and BeeKonnected QFA now, who connected me to Scot Schilling, Speaker, Coach & Trainer who was one of the first team members on board to launch this crazy thing call BeeKonnected.

When I say “I believe in the power of connections”, I BELIEVE because they SHAPED my life and are the reason for all the good.

So go out today and connect with 6 fellow BeeKonnected members, including me, in your local community, in your industry or across the country.

  • Businesses that can refer you to your next customer. Be the interior designer or electrician most recommended by your local realtors. You bake wedding cakes? The local florist wants to meet you. Where you find other businesses with similar customer profiles or complementary services, team up and win more together.
  • Your ideal customer. Business owners are customers too! If you mostly serve other businesses, Alignable is a great tool for prospecting new clients. If you’re a dog groomer, every pet owner in town should know about your businesses — whether they’re accountants, tailors, or yoga teachers.
  • Business owners who want to connect with you. Business owners who see the value in building a strong network reap the benefits of building relationships. Connect with the natural workers even if they’re not your ideal customer, located in your town, or in a related industry. You never know when and how you might help each other.

2. Join Q&A forum discussions

Sharing what you know can help your peers with their challenges and show them you’re the go-to in your field.

  • Visit the Q&A forum to see what people are talking about and lend your voice to active discussions. The more you contribute, the more credible and trustworthy you become — and you’ll be top of mind when the time comes.
  • Go to your community page and see what’s happening in local events and discussions. You can attend or promote local events and other businesses. Create events and promotions of your own to keep your community active.
  • Ask for help! If you have a burning question or business challenge, chances are other people have it too — be the one to ask so all of you can get the answer.

3. Review 2 Konnections

Paying it forward is a great way to build relationships in real life, and it works online too. Support your network by writing recommendations for businesses you know and trust.

  • Keep it completely honest. There’s no need to lay it on too thick or write a novel. Even just a few words can make a big impact, especially when they’re genuine.
  • Make it specific. Why are you recommending someone? Maybe they never miss a deadline or make the best cup of coffee in town. Let others know exactly what makes them so special.
  • Do it today. The best recommendation is the one that gets posted. If you have something great to say about a fellow business owner, don’t keep it all to yourself.

The simplest actions can have the most impact when it comes to building life long and meaningful business connections. Whether you have been with BeeKonneted for a long while, you’re brand new or you’re coming back after a little break, use this weekly checklist to guide you and remind you of the daily habits to build your business connections.

Take a few minutes each day to stay active, and you’ll boost your reputation in the artificial intelligence algorithm, reach a bigger audience, and find your way to more business relationships.

Mother of 3 dragons, Kartra Queen, and Social Media Weirdo with a weakness for Mint Green Tea and Dallas-esque Champaign Campaigns.

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